Ages 16+

This is our introduction to Capoeira course. Different age groups, fitness levels, and backgrounds all come together to challenge themselves and learn this incredible art form.

Capoeira can look very intimidating through internet research. This class aims to completely demystify that and show you that anyone can learn this art form! The course consists of 5 classes introducing you to the basic movements of Capoeira (kicks, dodges & simple acrobatics), the different instruments and the musical aspects of the art. The final week is a graduation week where you play in your first Roda!

After this course you will be confident and very able to jump right into our regularly scheduled classes!


This course is foundational and we recommend trying to not to miss a class, as we build upon the knowledge from week to week. If you do have to miss a session, or want to review anything, we include a digital video re-cap after each class that goes straight into your inbox!

The course will cover some basic movement patterns such as the “Ginga”, we will introduce you to four basic esquivas (dodges) and kicks, as well as a few simple, and accessible, acrobatic elements.

The goal of the course is to actually play Capoeira in the final week. This can sound scary at first, but it simply means you’ll be able to apply all the things you’ve learned in a no pressure and friendly environment.

Although we have an overall structure in mind (see below), we will be modifying the class in order to better pace it to the attendees. Capoeira is a life long exploration of movement, so if we cover a little more or a little less it’s ok, is a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme.

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Week 1

Introduction to the basics! The foundation class that we’ll be building upon for the rest of the course. We will cover some simple moves, and the overarching rhythm of Capoeira.
Movements will cover a basic kick, Esquiva (dodge) and acrobatic, as well as the ginga (our base movement).

Musical Concepts: Agogo (Cowbell) & Clap

There is a digital recap video after this class.

Week 2

We review the concepts of week 1 and add on to the knowledge with 2 new foundational elements, a new kick and a new esquiva.

Musical Concepts: Pandeiro (Tambourine) & how the songs work 

There is a digital recap video after this class.

Week 3

We review all the concepts covered so far. We look at a more intricate spinning kick, another dodge and the last of our foundational movements. We will also introduce the bridge movement (Modified based on ability).

Musical Concepts: Atabaque (Big drum) & a new song

There is a digital recap video after this class.

Week 4

We review the movements from the first 3 classes. We add the last and most challenging of our basic kicks, a final esquiva, and the beginnings of the handstand (modified based on ability).

Musical Concepts: Berimbau (bow like instrument) & a new song

There is a digital recap video after this class.

Week 5

This is it! The big day where we review everything we’ve learned so far and put it into practice.

The class will be integrated with the regular class, so you’ll have a variety of friendly, experienced training partners who will help you through the movements one more time.

After that it’s Roda time, where you get to show off all those new skills!

Expect this class to be a little longer.

AGES 16+






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