Belt (cordão) Ranking System

pic corda The cord system in capoeira is not standardized; every group has their own system, and a different order of colors.

Different groups also have different requirements for advancement to the next cord level.

During the year, each Capoeira Camara instructor will test their students in fitness, movements, game, music, and knowledge of the art’s history and philosophy. Each instructor will decide when the student is ready to receive the next cord.


Students receive their first cords at an event called a batizado (baptism) and move up in cords at the  troca de cordões (changing of cords).

Mestre Bimba, the creator of capoeira regional, used to give out colored handkerchiefs in order to distinguish the graduated students from the novices. Mestre Carlos Senna of the group Senavox created the first colored cord ranking system in 1955.


Color Description
cordaCrua1-198x300 Crua (Raw)
The first student a student receives with their uniform
cordaCruaAmarela1-198x300 Crua e Amarela (Raw & Yellow)
The first Corda after you “Batizado”, signifying a student’s initiation into the art.
cordaAmarela1-198x300 Amarela (Yellow)
Beginner Student Level
cordaAmarelaLaranja1-198x300 Amarela e Laranja (Yellow & Orange)
The first phase in which a student is considered at the intermediate level
cordaLaranja1-198x300 Laranja (Orange)
Intermediate Level Student
cordaLaranjaAzul1-198x300 Laranja e Azul (Orange & Blue)
The first phase in which a student is considered at the Advanced level
cordaAzul1-198x300 Azul (Blue)

Graduado – Graduated student. A high level student who is taking their first steps towards becoming a teacher in the art form

cordaAzulVerde1-198x300 Azul e Verde  (Blue & Green)

Monitor I – Monitor student. This is the first of the transition phases before a student becomes a full fledged teacher in the art

cordaVerde1-1-198x300 Verde (Green)

Monitor II – The student is at the end of their transition phase before becoming a considered a teacher.

cordaVerdeRoxa1-198x300 Verde e Roxa (Green & Purple)

Instructor I – The first step down the path of being responsible for one’s own class, and passing on the knowledge of the art form. Teaching, travelling, creating, hosting events – these are all additional expectations of the person at this phase.

cordaRoxa1-198x300 Roxa (Purple)

Instructor II – The teacher continues down their path of learning, through others, and through their students.

cordaRoxaMarrom1-198x300 Roxa e Marrom (Purple & Brown)

Professor I – A Professor continues to grow as a teacher and a student. They are expected to travel and participate in many events.

cordaMarrom1-198x300 Marrom (Brown)

Professor II – The last of the teacher phases.

cordaMarromVermelha1-198x300 Marrom e Vermelha (Brown & Red)

Contra-Mestre – The transition to being recognised as a Master of the art form.

cordaVermelha1-198x300 Vermelha (Red)

Mestre – The Capoeirista has accumulated many years of experience, has travelled for Capoeira extensively, and has passed on their knowledge to new generations.

They are now ready to learn.