Inspiração 2018: Professor Curioso & Professor Saci

In September we celebrated our 5th Annual Batizado and Troca De Corda, Afro-Brasil Cork 2018: Inspiração! What truly made this year’s event special though wasn’t the size (although it was a BIG one!), but rather the quality of people in attendance. The community over here at Capoeira Cork really got together to help organize the Read more about Inspiração 2018: Professor Curioso & Professor Saci[…]

The Award Winning…

By: Patrick “Cupido” Winters At times it can feel like it is hard to get recognition or praise in Capoeira. Most other activities come with the possibility of trophies or medals or even just some hard statistics to chart your progress. Capoeira does not have track times or wins and losses columns. Cordas and encouragement Read more about The Award Winning…[…]