All Classes are delivered in

St Vincent’s Secondary School, St Mary’s Road, Blackpool.

Kid Classes
CCC Kids

Ages 6 – 13

Our kids classes are designed to introduce children to the movements & musicality of Capoeira, and introduce them to the Portuguese language.

More importantly, our classes keep kids fit, and mentally stimulated while instilling in them: Self Confidence, Discipline, Focus and giving them a platform to socialize with others.


All are welcome regardless of previous experience or fitness levels. Capoeira is an Art that takes a lifetime to master, due to the many aspects of it, however, you can start at any age, and feel the benefits immediately. You’re never to old to start, and never to unfit. A true total body work-out, in addition to all the amazing physical benefits, you will also exercise your mind.

What To expect as a beginner?

We start our beginners off from scratch. We do not subscribe to the “Just fall in” attitude. We will ensure that you understand everything from the ground up.

It’s intense, at first. After your first couple of Capoeira classes, you can expect some muscle soreness (regardless of your fitness levels). Don’t worry, the pain is normal, everyone experiences it, and it goes away.

One of the most common things we hear after a couple of months of training is the phrase, “I never thought I’d be capable of doing that!

(For the record: We never get sick of hearing that).

We believe Capoeira is for everyone. Our studio is a safe and friendly environment, where we encourage you to take risks! Don’t be afraid to try something new. There is no such thing as failure.

Come on over and try a class for yourself. First class is always free, so you have nothing to lose!


Once a student has learned the basic techniques and major concepts of Capoeira they can move onto the more advanced training.

In these classes we build on all the components from the beginners class, and start introducing students to other styles of “game” within Capoeira, as well as teaching them more advanced movements and acrobatics.