Inspiração 2018: Professor Curioso & Professor Saci

    In September we celebrated our 5th Annual Batizado and Troca De Corda, Afro-Brasil Cork 2018: Inspiração!

    What truly made this year’s event special though wasn’t the size (although it was a BIG one!), but rather the quality of people in attendance. The community over here at Capoeira Cork really got together to help organize the event and make it special. The guests that came, not only gave great classes, but also gave it their all in the Roda!

    After a little rest and organizing ourselves we are ready to start posting videos of some of the Inspiring games and moments from the event.

    First up is our very own Professor Curioso and a long time friend to us here Professor Saci!

    These two started training together 18 years ago, and it definitely shows in the way the teach, play and think about the art. They both have the same foundation, having been training partners for over a decade, but they have found different ways of expressing themselves in the Roda. They have been inspiring one another to better themselves for 18 years, and we get to benefit from this and are lucky to have them inspiring us.