The Award Winning…

    By: Patrick “Cupido” Winters

    At times it can feel like it is hard to get recognition or praise in Capoeira. Most other activities come with the possibility of trophies or medals or even just some hard statistics to chart your progress. Capoeira does not have track times or wins and losses columns. Cordas and encouragement from teachers and peers are great but something a little more tangible would be nice now and again. That’s one of the reasons why everyone at Camara Capoeira Cork was delighted to hear that our teacher, Profesor Curioso, is to receive a Cork Indoor Sports Association Award.



    The Cork Indoor Sports Association was established in 1963 and has grown to represent over 400 sports clubs with more than 15,000 members. Each year they honour a select group of people who have contributed to the development of their chosen sport in Cork. In order to win this award you need to have shown a dedication to the sport and its growth. There can be no doubt that Profesor Curioso meets the criteria. In a mere five years he has developed a group of capoeira players of all ages and backgrounds. Spending up to 7 hours a day training a variety of classes, his commitment to his students is unquestioned. This amount of training was made possible when Profesor Curioso (together with some keen students) created Cork’s first and only purpose-built capoeira studio in Blackpool. The doors of that studio regularly welcome curious new students and they are met with a positive and encouraging atmosphere, while long-term students continue to return and to hone their skills each week. It is these kinds of things that have helped capoeira to grow in Cork and it is for this reason that Profesor Curioso has been chosen for this award.



    So on April 13th when Profesor Curioso steps up to receive his award all of his students will feel proud as we will know that it has gone to a most worthy recipient. This is true recognition, from the wider sporting community, of the great work that he has already done and will continue to do in Cork.