Capoeira Camara is coming to UCC

    On Wednesday January 18th 2017, we are very proud and honoured to be bringing Cork’s best Capoeira school to the University College Cork!


    Although the classes are held over at the Mardyke arena, do you think they might let us do a Roda on the grass here? Probably not right? But maybe?

    Back when I was in University (many moons ago) I was also training and teaching Capoeira. It was one of the best things I could have done. Having a set routine where I got to be social, do physical activity and have some fun really helped de-stress and temporarily take me away from thoughts of exams and assignments. In the end, it really helped me focus when it was time to get back to studying.

    The University experience is amazing, but it can certainly be stressful as well. Let’s face it, University students tend not to take the best care of themselves either (seriously, how many bowls of Ramen have you had this week!?)

    Getting out regularly to exercise is a great stress relief, especially when it encourages you to be social and of course it should be fun and challenging. (that rush of dopamine and serotonin don’t hurt either).

    Instrutor Curioso will be teaching every Wednesday evening at the Mardyke Arena from 21:00 – 22:30. It’s free for students and if you’re interested, send a message to the organizers via their Facebook page!

    Hope to see lots there! Just make sure to bring your energy with you (And work out gear. Don’t come in jeans. Oh and water. You’re going to sweat).

    Come take a much needed breather from studying to workout, sweat and have fun with us!