Dance & Capoeira Workshops with Teco Canide!

    We are so stoked to be bringing the Multi-Talented Teco Canide to Ireland for the very first time!

    Before we say anything else, go check out his site:

    Now that you’ve seen what he does, we are proud to present a joint weekend hosted by the incredible Andrea Williams and Capoeira Camara Cork, Teco will be doing both a Capoeira Angola Workshop and a an Afro-Brazilian dance workshop!


    Teco doing some “Frevo”

    Here’s a little video of him in action doing some Capoeira Angola:

    And here he is doing a big Frevo performance:

    We’re not sure what the dance menu is going to be serving up, but we know it’s going to be fun, energetic and something Ireland has never before seen!

    Maracatu, Frevo, Caboclinho, Coco De Roda, Samba De Roda, Cavalo Marinho, Maculele, Afoxe… and plus a bunch more! We definitely won’t be bored.

    Don’t miss out on this awesome weekend.

    Dance workshop on Saturday January 14th 2017, from 16:00
    Capoeira Angola Workshop Sunday January 15th 2017, from 13:00

    we have a special price for anyone doing both, so get in on the deal!

    Check out the Facebook events here:

    And the EventBrite tickets here: