New Years Resolutions: The Secret of Consistency

    Happy 2017 everyone!

    We are very excited to get back to our regular classes tomorrow (6pm for Kids and 7pm for Adults All Levels).

    This time of year always brings a surge of people wanting to try something new and to better themselves, which is great! Often times though it is a surge of motivation followed by a quick drop off. We get questions all the time on how to keep motivation up and how to accomplish ones goals as the year progresses.

    The answer is: Be consistent.

    It’s so easy to fall away from our routines. Stressful times at work, Injuries, sickness, personal trials etc. When these hit, it’s easier for us to go back to our normal routines. To the things we know. Quitting smoking is an excellent example of this. If the person trying to quit becomes suddenly stressed with life, the smoking will often ‘Temporarily’ come back. This temporary excuse ends up lasting a lot longer then expected and all of a sudden the person has to work up the motivation to start again.

    Diets and new fitness regimes are no different.


    Stay consistent on your journey


    Pick a goal this year. Work towards it, and be consistent. If you fall of the horse, get back on top of it as soon as possible. For example, if you break your new diet tomorrow by eating an entire cake, all is not lost, go right back to the diet the same day or the next!)

    Remember that not doing something (Not eating healthy, Continuing to smoke, Not working out) can fa too easily become a routine of it’s own.

    In terms of Capoeira all that means is simply coming to classes. Keep coming to classes regardless of the current situation. Push through those fits of low motivation (they will happen).Fit it in as an important part of your schedule that you shouldn’t miss! (it is your health after all).

    Progress sometimes comes slow, but if you stick with something for an entire year,  by this time 2018 you can be so proud of all you acheive!

    Whatever you do this year I wish you the best, and I hope you’re consistent.


    -Instrutor Curioso


    Just keep going. The difference a year can make is incredible. As long as you keep chipping away.