Welcome To Our New Site!

    Welcome to our newly revamped site!

    We figured it was time to shake things up and get a fresh change to reflect our progress.

    Capoeira Camara Cork is in their third year operating in this beautiful Irish city (up the Rebels!). In that short amount of time, we’ve accomplished an incredible amount of things.

    We’ve held 3 big events and workshops with incredible teachers and guests from around the world. They’ve taught us Capoeira, Dance and Percussion. They’ve performed with us, and they’ve brought their brilliant energy to this city.

    We’ve seen the establishment of our amazing Brazilian Percussion group, Bloco Rebeldia, developed a strong bond with them, and choreographed a few amazing shows and performances together.

    But we were missing a dance component to make us whole. Just then, the beautiful and talented Andrea Williams walked through our doors and established her crew, integrating them seamlessly into our group.

    We created a home for all of our students, performers, classes and equipment in the form of Camara Studios. We’re adding new like minded teachers, and some incredible classes all the time!

    We now have a site that reflects all this hard work and all these accomplishments.

    We hope you enjoy the site, and please feel free to pass along any feedback.

    Big shoutout to Mr. Maw for the fantastic design and effort he put into this site.

    Big shoutout to Mr. Kim Nowak for all them pretty pictures.

    Big shoutout to all the students and helpers we’ve had over the years who’ve put their energy into our little community.


    -Instrutor Curioso